How to Update Mazda Navigation Maps?

With the advent of navigation devices in vehicles, many drivers find it useful to locate the destination easily. But similar to smartphones, vehicle’s navigation system needs to be updated to get the most updated information on changing roadways. With Mazda connect, the user can easily update their navigation system to feature the latest maps and also to get notified that you have to update Update Mazda Navigation Maps.

If you still need additional assistance with updating the navigation system, feel free to connect with our technical expertise at 1800-870-079 toll-free. For updating the navigation system, the user need a computer system and Mazda’s SD Card.

Follow the below guidelines for updating the GPS tool:

  1. Go to the Mazda website. Now Install and download the Mazda Toolbox.
  2. Now, access the Mazda toolbox and insert SD card into the computer system.
  3. You will see a Toolbox prompt on the computer screen. Create a backup of the information on your SD card.
  4. Now, log in to the Mazda tool box by tapping on ‘Not Logged In’ and create a user profile. You will receive an email to confirm the registration.
  5. Once you have created a profile, log in. You will see ‘Updates’ button appearing if there is any map update available. Tap on ‘Updates’.
  6. Click on the ‘Install’ button to begin the map update.
  7. Now you are required to create a new SD card backup. For this, choose Backups option available on the left side of the menu. Select ‘Create Backups’.
  8. Once the process of new backup is finished, eject the SD card and place it to your Mazda.

The above steps are helpful for the users who want to update their device on their own. But if you are facing any difficulty in updating the navigation tool, then get in touch with our team who will guide you through the process. You can easily reach us by dialing 1800-870-079 or by dropping in via email or real time chat process.