How to Update Navigation Maps on Mazda BT-50?

Those who ride Mazda BT-50 know the GPS and Multimedia System navigation maps can be updated complementary in the initial 3 years. After this duration, individual Mazda navigation map updates need to be purchased online at any time. For doing so, the user requires a USB stick and a Windows PC with internet access.

Follow the below guidelines for updating the maps on the device:

  • Access the Naviextras site and select the ‘GET FREE MAPS’ option. Register and log in to the account. Now, choose ‘Mazda BT-50 Australia’ from the menu. From further options, select X208AU navigation tool and continue ahead.
  • Now, tap on the ‘FREE UPDATES’ tab. Click on the Toolbox download link.
  • Download the Toolbox software application. Install the toolbox to the Windows computer system and open the application.
  • Connect the USB memory stick and format it on your Windows PC. The format system must be FAT32.
  • Now connect the USB stick with the Navigation System input port. Go to the navigation menu and choose Settings. From the options, select Update.
  • A prompt menu will appear on the screen. Select the option ‘Yes’ and the GPS system will begin preparing the USB.
  • The navigation system will collect and save the device details to USB. Do not eject the cable and do not turn off the computer system.
  • Once the device information is saved to the USB stick, a prompt will appear on the screen. Choose ‘OK’ and remove the cable stick.
  • Now, access the Toolbox application on your computer system and make sure the device is connected to the internet. Tap on the ‘Updates’ tab and connect the USB stick to PC. The application will read the device information on the cable stick.
  • Choose ‘Install’ and the map update download will begin. It will require 15 to 20 minutes depending upon the internet speed.
  • Once the download is complete, a message will appear on the screen for confirmation. Tap on ‘OK’ and eject the USB stick.
  • Now, insert the USB stick into the Navigation system port. Click on the menu and choose Settings and then Update.
  • The GPS system will detect the map update saved on the USB stick and a message will appear on the screen. Tap on ‘Yes’.
  • Do not disconnect the USB until the update process is completed. Once the update is completed, eject the cable and select OK. The Navigation System will automatically restart.

If you are facing any difficulty with any of the above step then get in touch with our experts at 1800-870-079. We will guide you through the process.